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TM-30-15 color vector graphics


We are pleased to announce that, starting this year, NEXT LIGHT uses the TM30-15 system.

TM-30-15 is a new and improved IES method for characterizing the color rendering ability of light.

TM-30 is a method for evaluating light source color rendition.

It includes numerous measures that quantify different aspects of color rendering, such as fidelity and gamut.

Showing colors 1 to 99 and the important color vector graph, the Rg gamut index is an average of 16 color regions, color vector graphics under the TM-30-15 measurement method provides additional information about the particular colors.


Established in 2011, and based in the Oporto region - north Portugal, NEXT LIGHT designs and produces LED lighting fixtures.

NEXT LIGHT has developed a collection of LED fixtures for indoor and outdoor lighting, with top technical parameters and innovative design, which allow architects, interior designers and lighting professionals to create flexible, original and customized lighting solutions.

To conceive products based on high-tech parameters, we use high-tech manufacturing proceedings and materials, the latest LED lighting technology and innovative lighting designs.

We are constantly committed to R&D activities and innovation is the central impulse behind this company
From the project to production, our aim will always be design and manufacture competitive high quality products.